Michelle Fullerton

Email: mfullerton@sbrlaw.us

Direct:  262-333-8115

Michelle Fullerton is a paralegal for SBR Law Group’s Business Team. Michelle has coordinated and organized various complex corporate transactions, including the preparation of closing documents, merger documentation, conversion documentation and certificates. She handles the organization and maintenance of large amounts of due diligence documentation, and provides corporate maintenance by preparing incorporation documents, by-laws and resolutions in numerous states, along with creating and maintaining databases to track corporate stock records, research regarding public corporate knowledge, as well as, obtaining corporate information from certain state offices. Michelle also prepares and files Uniform Commercial Code Financing Statements in various jurisdictions, orchestrates and files annual franchise tax reports, renders closing indices and closing books.

Michelle has over 15 years of experience in corporate/transactional law.

Admissions & Activities

  • Paralegal Association of Wisconsin, Inc.